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Sahar Mahmoudi

I am Sahar Mahmoudi, actor, writer, director and also painter, born in 1991. I have a bachelor's degree in painting from Semnan National University and a master's degree in dramatic literature from Tehran Azad University, and an advanced degree in directing from the Young Cinematographers Association.

  • Educational background
  • work experience
  • Desired perspective
  • Bachelor of Painting from Semnan National University
  • Master of Dramatic Literature from Tehran Azad University
  • Advanced directing from the center of the Young Cinematographers Association
  • Participate in the inner noise painting gallery in September 2018
  • Writer and director of the short film Two Edges of the Earth in Winter 2017
  • Writer and assistant director and programmer of the short film Delcook in the fall 2018
  • Writer and director of the short yellow film in the fall 2019
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Address: St. 18 East, North Allameh, Saadat Abad, Tehran,Iran 

Postal Code: 1997857165

Tel: +989391445154  Email: Sahar.mahmoudi021@gmail.com

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